Where do I get the mobile video game?

You can not just yet, however, you’re able to wishlist it to google play store. Proceed today, I will wait!

What is the release day?

There isn’t a firm release date, however, we are planning for 2018, rather than enjoy, directly at the start of all 2018

We will first be releasing Monster Legends on iOS and Android.

We think multi-player could do the job well for Monster Legends, however, implementing this could basically double-click the opportunity to generate the match, so we’re not going about it. Maybe we could perform it in a sequel!

What software would you use?

Choosing the proper software is probably not likely to suddenly make you able to produce trendy stuff. Practice and dedication are far somewhat more important factors than slight differences between applications.

We’re fine for music, sorry!

Could I really do translations for Monster Legends?

We aren’t doing localizations just yet but if you would like to send a contact along with your localization portfolio, then we will continue to it to if we’re ready to look in it. It would be useful if you never ask for or expect a response.

How would you really do your own animations?

Our animations are a blend of work in the animator, stuff we’ve personally mocapped, and also things we’ve obtained through Mixamo.

What size is your team?

We’ve got a couple freelancers who help you, as well!

What period could Monster Legends be set in?

The existing modern-day atmosphere. This includes the close past and long run.

Are your soldiers not wearing the right gear?

At the close of your afternoon, we plan to possess believable match characters and immersive environments.

Where do I find out about what’s coming into Monster Legends?

We’ve got an informative series that conducted within the Kickstarter effort known as “Bootcamp” and its purpose is to introduce the high levels of Monster Legends into the average man or woman. Have a look at the articles here.

Why Move? Exactly why Multiplayer?

Proceed is among the world’s amazing games. Its thickness of strategy and tactics is almost unmatched with anything else: much modern tabletop and digital games. It’s always been regrettable it isn’t possible to play with ver 1 person also it is quite inaccessible to your casual player. We’re looking to improve this.

Is this first endeavor in multi-player Proceed?

No. There has been a number of, actually.

Is your resulting game really “multi-player Move”?

No, no one really. It’d be accurate to say it’s really a multi player game that is partially inspired by the Go game mechanic. Our purpose is to produce a game which retains the strategic thickness of traditional Go and makes it richer while still adding some new elements that will with making it a much initially accessible video game.

Are you considering adding a storyline as opposed to storing this as a simple boardgame?

For its first version, we all wanted to create the game more accessible for a broad selection of players. The randomness and storyline allow it to be pleasurable at a casual setting. The addition of movement cards also means players that are behind will spring surprises and then turn the tables at a short amount of moves. Such a thing could happen!

If you don’t find the answer for your question, please contact us on email: contact@hackmonsterlegends.online or contact form